GA4: These 4 Tips Will Get You Up & Running

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GA4 These 4 Tips Will Get You Up & Running
If you have received a low number of hits on your site, it is time to learn how to improve your website with SEO services in Sydney. This is easy and usually inexpensive when you understand some of the best Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tips. This article will teach you how to increase your SEO […]

Single-Page Websites SEO: Are They Good Or Bad For SEO?

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Single-Page Websites SEO
May a single page hurt your possibilities of ranking high on Google? We will check some instances and examine the advantages and disadvantages. Assuming you’re in SEO or web development (or, on the other hand, if you are seeking to assemble a site for your own business), you’ve most likely heard the term one-page or […]

Microsoft Advertising launches Cruise Ads

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Back in 2021, Microsoft launched a series of vertical-specific ads for the automotive industry, tours and activities, credit cards and health insurance. Now, the mega-company has added another category in that series called Cruise Ads!  On 9th February 2022, Microsoft launched Cruise Ads (Open Beta) for companies advertising for customers based in the United States! […]

How Social Media Helps SEO

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Businesses should never ignore their website’s social media profiles. Not only does Social Media bring a lot of benefits of its own, but it helps your digital marketing avenues as well. That’s why experts believe that anyone who is trying to harness the true potential of SEO should work on their social media profiles simultaneously.  […]

Putting Dates in Title Tags- Good For SEO?

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If you’re running your website, you might be finding ways to rank higher on Google. You must work on SEO as much as possible to get things done. Finding an SEO specialist Near Sydney like us at Zeal Digital becomes essential to effectively do the search engine optimization of your website. There are all kinds […]

Google On the SEO Impact of Changing Page Titles Every Day

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With time and age, more websites are developing on the internet. Every small business is trying its best to come up with an efficient website that reaches out to a large section of the audience. If it ranks well on Google, there’s no need to try other fancy methods to promote your content. You will […]

Yoast Seo To Launch on Shopify

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 Earlier in January 2022, Yoast disclosed that they would soon release the Yoast SEO app for Shopify. And on 18th January 2022, they finally released the much-awaited Yoast SEO for Shopify, a widely used platform for businesses across the globe. Merchants can use the Yoast SEO app on Shopify to optimise their product pages. The […]

Microsoft Bing Releases the New Indexnow Plugin for WordPress

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Earlier in July 2020, Bing released a plugin for WordPress that made it easier for people to submit their website URLs and get them indexed in the search engine without the usual waiting time. So instead of having search engines crawl your websites and check for the changes that you have made, this plugin would […]