Google Is Phasing Out Expanded Text Ads: How To Take Actions Now

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Google has decided to make certain changes to the way it works. By 2022, it will be moving away from expanded text ads. There were so many benefits of using it through Google AdWords. With added copy space and increased CTR, you could make your standard ad more effective. Since expanded text ads are going […]

26 Predictions For Social Media Marketing In 2022

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While you’ll have to take the help of a social media marketing agency in Sydney, it’s important to keep several predictions regarding social media marketing in mind as well. A lot of things are going to change in 2022 and we’re about to discuss regarding it:- Artificial intelligence is going to take over in a […]

What Matters Now in SEO & Where to Focus Next

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of getting website traffic through a search engine by improving search engine rankings on the web. Search engine optimisation is done by businesses in every field to be ahead in the race in a customer-centric market. Many businesses over the years have understood the value […]

How to Optimise Your Website for SEO and Conversions

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Website optimisation is vital for business growth. Be it a local business or a well-known brand; everyone needs to optimise their website for SEO. It is essential for conversion. Website optimisation ensures your website is working effectively in gaining traction for new leads or clients. Websites optimised have better conversion and bounce rates. That means […]

How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

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The world is getting smaller and virtual societies are the reality of today’s world. We get to connect with many different individuals at the tap of our fingers. Millions of search queries are made every day. The majority of these searches are done through a smartphone. Earlier internet connections were limited to desktops, but the […]

How to Improve Your Google Rankings (Without Getting Penalised)

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The world is connected virtually. The Internet has given birth to many online opportunities. A lot of queries are resolved through search. There are millions of searches from around the globe, every day. Everyone wants the correct answer to their question, while businesses wish to portray themselves as the ones that have the answers. The […]

A Guide to Star Ratings on Google and How They Work

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Reviews through elusive stars can showcase a good rating. Earlier you could flaunt it on the website. But now, Google has updated itself to make star ratings in the hands of the customer. They’ve started showcasing these ratings in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) along with the indexed ranking. 48% of the consumers will […]

Why is SEO important during the Covid-19 Lockdown?

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It’s 2021 now, and not having a digital footprint of your business will only hurt your establishment in the long run. That is why you must harness the full potential of SEO and digital marketing to sustain a profitable business during this pandemic. 
At the beginning of 2020, the world changed drastically. Reports of thousands of people getting infected with the deadly coronavirus started to emerge from all across the globe. In Australia, lives were destroyed, businesses were shut down, and lockdowns became a routine for most of 2020.  Soon, the role of the internet became much more […]

How to make a successful website: 11 critical factors

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hiring a professional website design company in Sydney for your website is greatly beneficial because they can remove all obstacles and hurdles arising in between.
Are you planning to build a professional website for your business? It’s just a process of a few hours, and the website will start running. And yes, you can do it all by yourself, but hiring a professional website design company in Sydney for your website is greatly beneficial because they can remove all obstacles […]

5 Signs Your Business Needs A Website Refresh

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Get in touch with an accomplished website design company in Sydney and give your website a new and perfect design to gain more visibility in the long run.
Your website is a business’s facial expression and will be the first reference point for prospective clients. It’s reasonable to assume that, even if a web page is outdated, you’re losing clients based on their first impressions. A well-designed website can bring in even more prospects than the sales staff could ever hope for. Professional […]