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Expand your horizon and reach new levels with Digital Marketing!

Sydney being a more competitive market, it is important to approach Zeal Digital, a local leading Digital Marketing Agency to assist with your SEO, SEM, Web Design and many other avenues of Online Marketing needs. Hiring our professional Digital Marketing team gives you the advantage of having strategies developed and tailored exceptionally to the requirements of your venture which are 100% effective.


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Zeal Digital – SEO, AdWords, Social Media, Web Design & Retargeting. Zeal Digital is a company that you can rely on for all your Digital Marketing Needs. With a combined experience of 8 years in all aspects of online marketing for local and national businesses of all sizes, we have Experts who have the ability to guide you through difficult areas of the Web Wide World with ease. With flexible support and guaranteed efforts, there is no reason not to contact us today.

Our Digital Marketing Agency is well equipped in creating and optimising your business’s online presence. Our expertise covers: SEO, AdWords, Social Media, Retargeting and Websites.

We have a professional qualified team of content writers, market researchers, website designers, graphic designers, and ad and campaign creators. 

We help build brands and give businesses a voice of authority and credibility that draws customers in and through the door, or otherwise left thinking about your brand. In short, our talented team in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Parramatta, Sydney, makes you easier to find.

We can update your website with great content and expertly curated techniques so that your brand is easily found on Google whenever someone searches for what you offer or related keywords or products. We create websites that are welcoming, attractive and as easy to use as possible. Delivering beautiful graphics and image enhancement, and clean sleek streamlined layouts with our graphic and website designers. We can even make your ad reappear on high authority sites like news.com.au, ebay.com.au, gumtree.com.au etc. when someone has left your site without purchasing or enquiring about your services.

We’re your one stop shop for digital marketing and we aim to always double the value of what is invested in us.


The day of newspaper and magazine advertising are dead or dwindling at the same rate as print (or faster) as more people move online. On the other hand, online marketing and purchasing has never been bigger, especially as more people are told to stay indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. A successful digital marketing campaign can quickly expand your brand awareness and familiarity - and as a result, your potential customer base.

Provided you know your market - we know our SEO (search engine optimisation). As the SEO experts in Sydney, we can make your brand easier to find on search engines and social media. We work with you to develop a key tone and focus for your new ads and content. Through our consultation with you, we can help you decide which keywords to focus on, your chosen target demographic, and how much information to add. 

Depending whether you want to go further, we can also update your website with a sleek modern website design to give a real sense of professionalism to your business. A website that is easy to read and find relevant products or information, also builds your credibility as an organisation. Leaving you in the mind of the consumer as a quality goods or service provider. In which case, they would be more willing to take the risk of investing in you. 

You’re new, you’re looking to expand your clientele. The faster the better, because word of mouth is a key component to a trusted regular customer base that vouches for you and organically expands your brand. But you need to start somewhere, and at the moment it’s critical to have a strong online presence to be known. 

Start your business and launch it into the public domain with our leading digital marketing agency in Sydney. We’ll help get you the eyeballs and clicks you need. 

Also, depending on your business model and what it offers - it might not matter how great your brand or services are (in terms of longevity) if you don’t get there and do it best, first. We can help you get there, by helping you build an engaging credible brand online.

We have worked with a multitude of companies. With our vast experience, we’re able to help you identify your market, keywords to plug into, and what customers are looking for on the web. Therefore, we can help you create such compelling ads and offers that increase revenue and brand exposure is inevitable. 

Yes! Our digital marketing company in Sydney works with companies all over Australia. 

A lot of companies that operate in Sydney are based or also operate elsewhere in Australia. With the use of the internet, many creators and goods and service providers are now able to reach and deliver to a national market. We can help you do this. We will ask you about your goods and services, your target audience, competitors, and unique selling point.

Your business doesn’t need to have an audience in Sydney only.

We maintain our incredible engagement and reach that we do for our local clients and for our national clients. We are well experienced in writing for different brands and types of companies, based in many different locations. Our talented SEO experts and writers are well equipped and happy to create content that is appropriate to your cultural syntax and audience. Call us today, and our digital marketing team can help create a custom solution for your business and get your brand out there. To do this, we offer a range of services.

Our business is five years old. ZEAL DIGITAL, the Sydney based digital marketing agency, was established in 2015. Since then, we have become a finalist in 2019’s Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific for businesses in a variety of technology and communication sectors with rapid growth. We were also recognised as a finalist in the prestigious ‘My Business Awards’ in the ‘Media, Marketing & Advertising Business of the Year.’

Our talented digital marketing and design team have created websites, written content, graphics, performed site audits, ads and analytical reports with their expertise, and the latest tools and techniques.

We are a result orientated company, always looking for new challenges to take on and tackle. We have gotten great engagement and reach for all our clients in our five years. And in those years, we have marketed and created SEO strategies for a vast array of industries. For more information about how we can help the growth and return of your business, contact us today.

Yes! Email is a remarkable resource for marketing and staying in touch with your clientele. Making you more accessible and familiar. 

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Parramatta can set up an email connected to your domain which will fit your brand and business. An email with your domain adds professionalism to your website and communication channels, with a credibility that your customers can trust. We can  also create attractive professional signatures to end all your emails which can be customised for different individuals.

We can also make unique custom emails for your different departments or different marketing campaigns of your company. As well as special email messages to send to your customers when they purchase an item with you online, subscribe or when you have a special offer. For more information on what email services you can utilise with us, contact us today! 

The company was started in 2015 by two directors with a passion for the digital marketing industry, with more than eight years of prior experience. It all started with a vision for a one stop solution for SMEs in Sydney and all across Australia. Since then, we can successfully say that we look after a large array of SME’s digital marketing needs with SEO, Web Design, AdWords, Social Media and Retargeting.

The Zeal Digital marketing agency is now home to an accomplished team of consultants, experts, website designers, content writers and marketing professional who share this vision. 

We love enabling business owners to connect more efficiently with their customers. Helping those that are already looking for their goods or services, find them.

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