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This is an exciting time to advertise your business on Facebook and other social media platforms. Zeal Digital’s Facebook Marketing Specialists understand Social Media and they focus on getting Business Owners the best return on their investment. These platforms have created new opportunities for business owners to reach the right people with the right message, at the right time. More than fifteen million people use Facebook in Australia every month, and we can assist you in reaching these potential customers instantly by sharing your unique story with them, through various Ad formats like Videos, Images, Content Canvas and Carousel Ads. Marketing your business on Facebook is relatively cheaper than doing so on Google. Facebook video views are also more cost effective than YouTube video views. Let the experts at Zeal Digital cater to your Facebook and Social Media Marketing needs.
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Zeal Digital is a premier social media agency based in Sydney that specializes in advanced social media strategies, analysis and research. We employ brilliant data and marketing minds and can help you take your business to the next level through a strategic mix of branded content and paid advertising. We utilize the incredible granularity of social media to deliver targeted messaging, which feels like a conversation among friends when done well. We start with brand voice development to device an overall social content strategy. We ensure that the plan is actionable and then execute it on schedule. Organic posts will build your brand and engage your customers. On the other hand, paid social advertising along with incentives and promotions will drive your return on investment up. We will use social media to your advantage by being welcoming and attractive and ensure that your followers are comfortable with the conversation. We make sure that your message is fresh, relevant and interesting in order to stay engaged with your audience.
In order to stand out on social media, you need to be innovative. You need to do more than opening a social media account and posting salesy content. Having a two-way conversation is vital. Our social media specialists will assist you to offer something relevant and interesting to your customers so that people will remember and talk about your business. These consultants look for people who are engaging and learn what motivates them. They will then optimise your message to maximize engagement ad reach across your entire Digital Advertising plan. We do social marketing correctly to refine and amplify the efforts of SEO and SEM. We will also bring brand ambassadors into the conversation to make your social media messaging more effective while also looking at what your competitors are doing well and adapt these strategies to your own benefit. We also experiment with new channels to ensure that your marketing efforts are current and relevant.
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