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This is an exciting time to advertise your business on Facebook and other social media platforms. Zeal Digital’s Facebook Marketing Specialists understand Social Media and they focus on getting Business Owners the best return on their investment. These platforms have created new opportunities for business owners to reach the right people with the right message, at the right time. More than fifteen million people use Facebook in Australia every month, and we can assist you in reaching these potential customers instantly by sharing your unique story with them, through various Ad formats like Videos, Images, Content Canvas and Carousel Ads. Marketing your business on Facebook is relatively cheaper than doing so on Google. Facebook video views are also more cost effective than YouTube video views. Let the experts at Zeal Digital cater to your Facebook and Social Media Marketing needs.
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Zeal Digital is a premier social media agency based in Sydney that specializes in advanced social media strategies, analysis and research. We employ brilliant data and marketing minds and can help you take your business to the next level through a strategic mix of branded content and paid advertising. We utilize the incredible granularity of social media to deliver targeted messaging, which feels like a conversation among friends when done well. We start with brand voice development to device an overall social content strategy. We ensure that the plan is actionable and then execute it on schedule. Organic posts will build your brand and engage your customers. On the other hand, paid social advertising along with incentives and promotions will drive your return on investment up. We will use social media to your advantage by being welcoming and attractive and ensure that your followers are comfortable with the conversation. We make sure that your message is fresh, relevant and interesting in order to stay engaged with your audience.
In order to stand out on social media, you need to be innovative. You need to do more than opening a social media account and posting salesy content. Having a two-way conversation is vital. Our social media specialists will assist you to offer something relevant and interesting to your customers so that people will remember and talk about your business. These consultants look for people who are engaging and learn what motivates them. They will then optimise your message to maximize engagement ad reach across your entire Digital Advertising plan. We do social marketing correctly to refine and amplify the efforts of SEO and SEM. We will also bring brand ambassadors into the conversation to make your social media messaging more effective while also looking at what your competitors are doing well and adapt these strategies to your own benefit. We also experiment with new channels to ensure that your marketing efforts are current and relevant.
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For most companies, we recommend that you get on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

These platforms are great for communicating, engaging with your customers, increasing brand awareness, and showcasing your products and services in a tantalizing way. If your business is new to building a presence online, it may be worth it to focus primarily on Facebook or just 2-3 platforms to start.

But how do you choose which platforms are best to start with?

  • Facebook is a great platform for creating a public profile for your company that is easy to interact with, as well as wide reaching social media ads. Today, all businesses today are recommended to set up a Facebook account.
  • Twitter is renowned for connecting to large conversations online with #hashtags and quickly circulating short messages online. Many Australian businesses use Twitter for fast and highly shareable conversations they can have with potential customers to increase the engagement rate of their brand. While not as popular here compared to the US with 5,800,00 active Australian users, Twitter ads still offer a great solution for brand visibility.
  • Instagram is renowned for showcasing the aesthetics of your products or finished services. If you run a serviced based company or B2B you can instead use Instagram as a platform to create a portfolio of testimonials, share inspiration or tips, or introduce who you are and connect with your customers. Here you want to create an emotional connection with your target demographic, presenting what you can offer in a nuanced, customised, or highly appealing way.
  • LinkedIn is one of the most widely used platforms at work. As a social networking tool for professionals, it is a great space to connect with other businesses as a B2B. Here you should showcase the achievements and strengths of your company. Some businesses also use this platform to show off some of their technical knowledge with helpful tips and suggestions for others in their industry. Which besides helping the community, helps others out there qualify their creditability.
  • Pinterest is a platform that really assists with encouraging impulse spending and purchasing ‘as part of a plan.’hich makes it a great potential strategy for eCommerce websites.

Our social media marketing firm in Sydney guides each client, to create a social media campaign to make the most out of your brand and budget. After understanding your products and services, USP, target demographic, location and more, our professionals assist you in making the best decision for what social media platforms to focus on. In order to engage with customers, drive site traffic and increase sale conversions! Call 1300 269 414 to get in touch with our team, and we can start talking about your own customised social media marketing solution. Our social media marketing agency is able to give you a free analysis of your current social media use, and a free quote with no obligation to you.

That depends on you. Our social media management packages in Sydney are customized as per your requirements, so the cost will always depend on what those are.

These are your target market, how many services or products you want to target, and how many ads you need on a monthly basis to promote over various social media platforms. Our social media professionals are always ready to listen and learn to find out more about your business and brand, in order to share it with others. Together, we can help reach incredible yet feasible goals for your company when it comes to brand awareness, traffic, and conversion rate, based on your budget.

It varies from campaign to campaign, subject to the requirements of our clients.

Developing a social media campaign is always a personalised process, unique to your business’s brand, product or services, target demographic, etc. Our social media marketing agency in Sydney always creates campaigns to capture both the personality and needs of your brand.

Definitely! Like Google, there is both organic traffic (SEO) and paid traffic (AdWords), social media has opportunities for organic and paid traffic.

While organic posts are great, they don’t have much benefit in reaching out to people that haven’t already gone onto or liked your page. So, if you take advantage of paid social media advertising, you can reach a larger audience by promoting your posts, products, or services. You can then reach new clients and target new markets which you may have not done in the past!

Our social media marketing agency in Sydney can assist you make the most of your budget to promote new offers, products, or services. As well as keying into what opportunities your company has to really drive traffic and sales.

When you are creating a social media marketing strategy, it is crucial to understand what to avoid.

Our social media experts in Sydney have put together a list of some of the easier ones to create a proper strategy against.

    • Not focussing on a particular audience – While it may be tempting to answer ‘everybody’ to who your target audience is, to have an as wide reach as possible. However, you will always risk the danger of not appealing to anybody when not defining a focus demographic to target.
    • Not knowing your audience – Knowing who your audience is great, and a vital part of building your brand on social media. Make sure you are presenting your message in a way that is as relevant and applicable to your target market as possible.
    • Buying followers – It can be very tempting to buy followers when your business or brand’s online presence is young. However, social media platforms today are becoming more intelligent with their algorithms. If there is an increased amount of content that doesn’t get seen, interacted with or liked, then the content gets downvoted. Which is just one way how fake followers can come to kick you back in the foot. It also reflects a lack of professionalism and credibility on the brand when you are found out for buying followers.
    • Not choosing a brand voice – Most brands desire to build engagement and rapport with their audience. It is important though that you do not fall into the mistake of being too casual that you offend potential customers. Selecting and sticking to an overall ‘tone’ is also a great way to build the personality of your brand. It lets people better understand and build a relationship with your brand which makes them more likely to purchase or sign on for the services.
    • Not having anything to say – Advertising and commercial social media posts dominate platforms today. With all this in mind, you need to work a little harder to stand out. Instead of just talking about how great the company is, you can use the platform to announce new stock, seasonal items, special offers, holiday offers etc. that are more likely to capture focus. Beautiful inspiring photographs can also be another way to draw more people out there to look at your posts. As well as writing posts that engage the emotions. When you are building a social media campaign, it’s important to think different!
    • Working with no strategy – You need to have a structure for a sense of focus, consistency, and tone for your business’s social media. Without any clear strategy, it’s only too easy for your campaign to be unfocussed and for your posting to be irregular. Which takes us onto our last point.
    • Not posting regularly on social media – When you are creating a social media presence it is important to update your platforms with materials, so that you can maintain interest. This also helps retain and connect with the people who like or follow you and rank higher in the algorithms. Here’s a rough guide of what is usually recommended:
      • Facebook: Some have recommended 1-5 times a month, others 3 times a week. Facebook is the most saturated for advertisers, so as such you don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Don’t post any more than once a day if you’re not a big leading brand, news company or influencer.
      • Twitter – Up to 5 times a day. Tweets and conversations on Twitter move very rapidly, which means you can be a lot more frequent.
      • Instagram – 1-2 times a day.
      • LinkedIn – 2-5 times a week. Sharing useful content about your company or products. If you are a B2B, then LinkedIn can be a great place to showcase your technical skills with business-minded blog posts.
      • Pinterest – 3-25 new pins a day.

Social media management may look easy to get into on the surface, but if you are seeking to use it as a strategy to build your brand, then you need the added skills and experience of a specialist to do it well. Our social media experts in Sydney have assisted many SMEs in Greater Western Sydney and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for their social media strategy. Helping them achieve higher follower counts, greater on site traffic and sales conversions.

So, for impressive results, consider seeking a professional for your company’s social media management. At Zeal Digital, our social media specialists can offer you a free consultation about a solution that best fits your requirements. Call 1300 269 414 or email us on info@zealdigital.com.au to get in touch, and start discussing your needs today!

It is important that you neither delete the comments nor ignore them when someone comments negatively on your brand’s social media. When angry customers are ignored, they tend to get angrier which can role onto some other negative impacts down the road. However, there are also more reasons you should consider to understand just why it’s a bad idea. Our social media experts in Sydney explain more below.

Potential customers want to see how you handle negativity or address issues. It helps frame the expectation of how you might handle them on a bad day. As well as helps onlookers understand your ethos as a company. With so many companies on social media, a common concern for potential customers is fake reviews or engagements on social media. Not removing negative feedback helps alleviate this concern that those engaging with you on your social media is fake. However, negative feedback does need to be addressed.

It can be hard but remember to be polite when it comes to complaints. Ask them to give you more information over direct message, email, phone, etc.  in the way your company handles customer issues. By directing this attention away from the general public, you show to potential customers that the issue is handled, and that you take care of your customers.

Our social media experts in Sydney, Zeal Digital, are also available to look after and handle your social media for you.

Yes, we can. Our social media consultants in Sydney are apt with setting up professional social media accounts for all the platforms that your business should be on. We can set up a social media account for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and more to help build your online presence.

Our experts are well skilled and experienced in setting up social media accounts that exude the professionalism and spirit of the brands of our clients.

Yes! We update you monthly with full reports about the progress of your social media campaign. Each campaign has a dedicated project manager at our social media marketing company in Sydney, in order to communicate with you directly. They also provide you reports when required or as requested. So that you can quickly find out more information to qualify your social media package, whether through data in visualised graphs or in numbers.

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