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All enterprises want to win back the people who have visited their website but did not convert the first time. Remarketing, which is also known as Retargeting is one of the fastest ways in which you can re-attract bounced traffic that left your website. As a professional Remarketing and Retargeting company in Sydney, Zeal Digital can assist you with your Retargeting endeavors. Google Remarketing involves the utilization of cookie-based technology to follow up on previous visitors of a website.
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Using a professional Agency for Retargeting is vital because of the expertise of the retargeting consultants. There are many ways in which you can use retargeting and just like other marketing tools, it has its pitfalls and risks. Zeal Digital’s team of professionals can assist you with all your remarketing needs. We can help you retarget the non-converting visitors on 3 rd party sites and their social media profiles with creative ads and banners, thereby increasing your sales and improving your conversions dramatically.
Our team of professionals can assist you with both standard and dynamic remarketing. Standard remarketing displays advertisements to the people who visited your site as they browse apps and sites on the Display Network. Dynamic remarketing on the other hand displays ads that include the services or products that your visitors viewed on your Website.
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At Zeal Digital, we can also assist you to create Remarketing lists for search ads. This feature will allow you to customize your search ad campaign for previous website visitors and tailor your ads and bids to them as they search for information on Google or other search engines. Our remarketing ads management services will enable you to create ads, set your bids or choose keywords while bearing in mind that the potential customers have visited your site previously.
Email campaigns can be a suitable way to display your video marketing content to prospective customers. However, you may not be sure how to include videos in the emails effectively. Our remarketing specialists can assist you to achieve this feat. They will enable you to use video correctly to enhance your email marketing campaigns.


Retargeting ads display your products and messages on other websites such as Yahoo, eBay, Gumtree,, etc. after a visitor has left. But why is this relevant to you?

The unfortunate truth is that most people that visit your website for the first time leave without purchasing anything. Even in the cases when they have gotten so far as to add items to a cart, often many still abandon them. It can feel very frustrating, to finally get that great increase of site visits but not the number of sales you were expecting after seeing that number. Particularly when they end up forgetting about the very products they were looking intently at on your website and never return. Fortunately, there’s an efficient way to bring them back!

Retargeting showcases the products and/or services that your site’s visitors were looking at them when they are on other sites. It reminds them of what your business offers again, to entice them to return and finish their purchase.

Combined with other effective marketing tactics, retargeting has been shown to increase sales in most cases to up to 50%!

A lot of research into consumer behaviour has also shown that many customers want to get to know your brand before they make a purchase. Retargeting provides a fast route for building brand familiarity with targeted marketing at a low cost. To assist in building the long term reputation of the company.

You can request a free talk with one of our remarketing consultants in Sydney for more information about how retargeting can drive sales on your website. Our digital marketing company, Zeal Digital, can also suggest other online marketing strategies to use in conjunction with retargeting. Giving you the ideal campaign as a part of our services to build the traffic and conversion rate you seek.

You can reach out and contact our remarketing agency in Sydney, Zeal Digital to get started today.

Our specialists can help you define a strategy to best drive traffic and sale conversions through your website. Then take over the management there for the best return on your budget.

You can call us on 1300 269 414, email us on or send an enquiry on our online form.

Our retargeting agency in Sydney will place the ads on high authority websites as part of your company’s retargeting strategy. Some examples of these platforms are,, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. By placing your ads on high authority websites, you can have the assurance that others will look towards your company as one with more credibility.

There are limitations for what users can be reached by your retargeting ads.

If someone has disabled their cookies and cache, they won’t see your ads. Alternatively, if have adblockers installed in their chrome browser your retargeting ads won’t appear on the website. Fortunately, a lot of websites these days will ask visitors to whitelist them to show ads.

Our retargeting company takes your lead on this. Therefore, it will depend on how long your sales cycle is. For example, if you think your customer takes 7 days to decide before purchasing your products or service – we can target those people on social media and high traffic websites for 7 days.

Yes, you can! Our retargeting service in Sydney customises where your ads appear on websites based on the region of your visitors. Allowing your budget to go further by focussing on those most likely to use your products or services. Our retargeting experts will assist you in understanding what suburbs to target or region to limit your retargeting campaign to.

Our company only get generic data about your visitors, not any personal information. So, what retargeting does is it places cookies and cache in your visitors’ browser when they visit your website. These cookies and caches follow them to their social media feeds, or other websites, where we can place ads for a specific amount of time. That is all our retargeting services does in terms of your visitors’ data, in order to circulate targeted ads.

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