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If you use the Internet as a major part of your marketing campaigns, optimizing your website for search engines is essential for your business. Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to generate consistent traffic for the long term. It can be daunting to do SEO on your own because you may not know which techniques work and which don’t. This is the reason why you need to hire a professional SEO Agency like ours. At Zeal Digital, our SEO Experts can revamp your site to correlate with the requirements of major search engines like Google, thereby improving your rankings on the Web. Our SEO Services in Sydney include the following areas we work on as part of our Packages, to get you the best returns on your investment.
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Your website is meant to do business. It is a great tool for generating online leads. Therefore, you need to know how your website performs against those of your competitors. At Zeal Digital, we can carry out an in-depth analysis of how your competitors’ sites work, determine the tactics they use and figure out how your site can get an edge over them. An SEO consultant can find the week and strong points of your competitor’s websites. Our consultants will also find the strong and weak points of your website and then assist you to use this knowledge to your benefit.
SEO keyword research tools make it easier for people who write blog posts and other kinds of content posted online. Keyword research can help you write more effective content that search engines can find. You need help to figure out what to write about your business so that people will see it on the internet. This is the reason why you need to perform Keyword Research Analysis. Our Keyword Research services will take the guesswork out of wondering if you have selected the right phrases or words that will enable your content to be indexed by Google.
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It is important for your business website to function optimally. You need to evaluate and audit your website from time to time in order to determine if it is bringing in qualified leads. Our Web Development Agency can provide you with regular updates in the manner in which your website is performing. Our SEO experts can also monitor your Website and advise you on how to enhance its effectiveness. Getting an opinion from an SEO specialist will help you boost your rankings on Google and ultimately your Business. With our Site Audit services, you will get the answers you need today to make your Website more effective.
An effective website needs high quality content to represent a brand and the services or products that a business offers. In order for your website to achieve your sales goals, it should contain descriptive, search engine optimized, understandable and original content. At Zeal Digital, we confidently provide our clients with content writing services that meet the high standards required by professional, high quality sites. We are a personal and professional web marketing service. Upon enlisting our content writing services, we will research your website’s brand, purpose, services and audience thoroughly. We will then create content that tells your story dynamically and efficiently.
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SEO is not limited to a generic, global audience. Instead, it can also focus towards the local audience. Local SEO will make your site highly visible to potential customers in Sydney. Local SEO is vital for search engines and it can also improve the listings of your company in business directories. Our SEO Company can assist you to achieve the results you desire. We can target the customers who are close to your enterprise and are likely to make a purchase. Local search listings have high conversion rates. Local SEO can therefore be a lucrative marketing investment for you.
Link building is an essential aspect of SEO. The number of inbound links on a website determines its popularity. The number of inbound links from authoritative websites also plays a role in determining the way Google ranks a website. When you start a blog or a website, it is wise to spend time on link building so that it will have more exposure on search engines. At Zeal Digital, we offer link building services that can help increase the visibility of your site in search results. Your site will also receive traffic from other websites linked to it.
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Google Analytics is an essential Digital Marketing tool. By using Google analytics, you can measure the outcomes of individual campaigns in real time and compare the data to that of previous periods. Analytics displays data from all the channels, which are directing traffic to your site, including backlinks, social media, direct traffic, paid search and organic search. We can assist you with Google analytics tracking. This will let you know what is effective in terms of advertising and what is ineffective. If you are currently spending money on PPC, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing - Google analytics tracking will enable you to monitor your return on investment.


You have probably seen a lot of business talking about finding a SEO marketing company in Sydney to grow their business, but why?

When people talk about SEO, they are talking about ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ Which is about creating changes that makes your website rank higher in search engine results. This, of course, is critical for developing a business online! Higher rankings or first search results on Google means someone is more likely to visit your website.

By utilising these strategic changes, your site better informs Google’s ‘web crawlers’ and your audience on what your website, products and services are about. As well as affirming to Google and potential visitors that your website is credible. Which increases its rank.

Better yet, search engine optimisation today is also highly involved in making your website more exciting, attractive, and user-friendly. So that potential customers are on your website, looking through your product and content longer- and therefore more like to enquire or buy!

Through using the services of our SEO company in Sydney, Zeal Digital, many small and medium business owners have been able to greatly increase their business reach.

We come back to you with each update with visualised information about your results. So that you can keep on top of just how well your company is ranking against your competitors. That is, of course, if you can keep up with all your new business calls!

More than ever before, the market is digital. And in the digital marketplace, most people find their way around using Google.

In a market that is now more than ever before online, there’s only so many people that can find you without a strong digital presence. Solely brick and mortar business especially felt this squeeze recently during the heights of the pandemic. When a great part of the population was no longer happy to go out. 

Attaining SEO services for your business in Sydney helps you to better compete with your competitors online and get discovered. Allowing those shopping or researching at home to find you more easily. So that they can purchase your products, enquire, or get a hold of your services!


We’ll be honest here. Even the best SEO changes probably won’t slingshot your website and brand into #1 overnight. SEO is more of a long term investment strategy.

The most searched keywords have a lot of established websites already competing for the highest result rankings. These websites have been used and referred to by Google for years for their content and credibility on the keywords they rank. But by identifying keywords growing in search demand, you can win ‘fights’ where there is less competition. And overtime you can grow even higher in more contested keyword searches.

By getting the help of a SEO specialist in Sydney, you can finally get a plan with realistic goal posts. All within an attractive timeframe, to help propel your business into great digital success! This is because they will be able to sit down with you, find out about your business, your competitors, and your current position online if you already have social media and/or a website.

Through also factoring in your budget and seasonal demands, we’ll assist you with creating a SEO campaign plan that really delivers results! It’s also non-stop work. Business trends, consumer demands, Government policy and the way Google ranks websites, after all, is always changing.

But with a skilled SEO specialist in Sydney behind you, you can rest assured that your search engine optimisation is updated and relevant to make sure your website is performing to its best!

Yes, it can! But, like all good things, it takes time.

Search Engine Optimisation in Sydney is a long term strategy. But if you have the patience and are looking for long term results, it is very rewarding.

SEO makes your website, and as a result, company, easier to find online. Especially for those already interested in attaining your good and services. Meaning your customers are better able to connect with you or make a purchase. Great SEO is such an important tool in a marketing campaign to let you achieve the results you are looking for. Which lets your company really grow!

You too can certainly get all the benefits that SEO provides if you are ready to take the plunge with a SEO digital marketing campaign - just like so many other companies out there on the market! Together, we will create a plan with realistic goals that can drive incredible change.

Google places penalties on users that it deems to not meet their quality standards. It means, even in the case of using the right keywords, that your website doesn’t rank well. Worse - that you’re no longer displayed on Google’s search results altogether.

You can avoid Google’s penalties by following all of Google’s guidelines and procedures.

Some examples of what oversteps these guidelines is using hidden links or texts, irrelevant keywords, or a great amount of duplicate content. To protect your website, also ensure you are not getting backlinks from websites not relevant to your industry.

It’s also important that you make sure you are on top of the algorithm changes made by Google from time to time. So that you avoid getting penalized. However, there’s always a lot to read in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, especially to account for all the updates.

By attaining the services of the best SEO agency in Sydney, Zeal Digital, you can count on your digital marketing campaign to adjust seamlessly with the times. Our professionals are always readying themselves with each and every update!

Unfortunately, no. Every client and business that we deal with is unique and without knowing your target market, your target areas, your target products or services, your competitors, and their strategies – it’s very difficult to give you an accurate price range.

Not to worry, though! We’ve accounted for this, with free quotes along with our 30-min free analysis, to help make the search for the ideal SEO agency in Sydney easier. All with no obligation to you! During a consultation, we’ll compare your digital presence to your competitors to work out where you stand on the digital marketplace. Once we figure out your needs and how we can best help you, only then will we present you with a customised package to help you attain great results. 


Again, there is no actual answer to this. Nobody can really guarantee or give you a definite answer for how long moving onto the first page takes. And if any company is giving you guarantees of getting you on page one in a certain span of time, beware – they are clearly lying.

You can read more about it on these blogs and articles here:

Just one example of why it is a bad promise to make, is SEO rankings are volatile and therefore always changing. Most SEO companies understand that search engine optimisation is a strategy that takes time. Which means other companies that promise fast dominating changes in rankings may use unethical practices that will later get your website downvoted later by Google. Resulting in a lot more trouble later on.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention, not just to the attractive promises and guarantees that a company offers you, but their practices and their ability to get you good organic results. By following this advice, you’re more well equipped to find the best SEO company in Sydney to look after your business’ website and online presence.

We at Zeal Digital, will never present you with targets that we know that we can’t achieve with the right practice. And after winning many awards for our great business practice and SEO services, you can rest assured that we have the tools, strengths, and resources to build your rankings organically - from the ground up!


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