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    How To Gain Value From Broken Backlinks?

    With so much digitalisation taking place, it has become necessary for every brand and business to find new ways of marketing for themselves. One of the standard processes of doing so is link building. To make your brand a success, you must get in touch with some of the best SEO companies in Sydney that will help in building the right marketing strategies. Today, some highly effective techniques are available for broken backlinks that can help you succeed in the digital world.

    What are broken backlinks?

    The broken backlinks are created when a website in an external link provides a non-existent page of another domain. The main reasons behind developing these links can be a change in the URL or when the linking site provides you with an incorrect URL.

    Often, there can be an occurrence of link rot where the existing links tend to become non-existent for a long duration. It leads the visitors to a 404-error page. The majority of the backlinks tend to become dead gradually in a year or so. In this case, it becomes essential not to focus solely on building links for new content and to review the older links from time to time. 

    Broken Link Reclamation

    As the name suggests, the broken link reclamation aims to reclaim the value of broken links pointing to your site. Here is how you can perform this process:

    • Initially, you need to count how many backlinks pointing to your site are broken; you need to know the number of broken backlinks required to reclaim. This can be done using the Ahrefs tool that helps to determine and review the quality of the backlinks present. 
    • Once you start using this tool, go to the ‘Broken Links’ section under the name ‘Backlinks’ and open it. As you click, the list of all broken backlinks becomes available for your site.
    • Now, the links can be organised with the help of a domain rating column that places the highest-valued links on the top of the list. These can later be exported to a spreadsheet for review.
    • The next step is to analyse whether the link is worth pursuing. Your SEO company’s experts will see the origin of the links, the URL it is pointed to, and its anchor text.
    • You can now either contact the website owner and provide them with a replacement link to be updated, or you can set up a 301(permanent) redirect to the required page on your website if the owner does not respond.

    Broken Link Building

    • To perform broken link building, you first need to select a competitor of your niche. Once this is done, you need to analyse the available data in the same way as done using the Ahrefs tool.
    • Based on the relevance, organise the broken backlinks. Now review your website and see if you have any content related to the links. This will act as the broken link that will be replaced on third-party pages.
    • Now you need to be ready with the replacement content to create the link. If you start from scratch, you need to review the subject and anchor text to use them as a springboard for the new page. 
    • As the replacement [age is created, you are all set to reach out to the site owner. Connect to them with the broken link and explain the situation. Provide them with your best content as a replacement for the link and ensure that it gets established.
    • Focus on making your article precise and free of errors as no website owner would like to feature poor content. 

    Being in touch with the best SEO company in Sydney, you don’t need to worry much about such issues as the experts have got your back. However, you must not ignore the problems of broken backlinks as they affect the website at one point or another. Marketers always look for creative and effective link-building opportunities. You must focus on these potential links and work on them as they play a significant role in bringing a difference to your campaigns. You must form effective strategies to make your brand a success. 


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