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    Website Quality Score: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

    When you have a website, you need to look into various parameters to make your website successful. The content, the ads and everything that makes your website functional needs to be appropriate and by Google’s content guidelines.

    This makes your website reach your target audience easily and do better numbers. When it comes to increasing the traffic of your website, you can tweak various things on your website to suit Google’s algorithm. You can use the services of a reputed SEO company in Sydney to improve your website quality score.

    For example, if you increase the number of keywords used in your content proportionately, your website can rank high up in the search results. Similarly, optimising your website according to the search engines can also help increase the traffic on your website. All these things are monitored and used to build a quality score for your website. Here is everything you need to know about quality scores and how to improve them. Whether it is a Google Ranking Factor or not will also be discussed in this article.

    What Is Website Quality Score?

    Google rates the overall user experience of your website and reports it in the form of the website quality score. Everything from ads to landing pages is analysed thoroughly via Google’s algorithms. The determination of a website quality score is represented on a scale of one to 10. One is the lowest marking whereas 10 is the highest. If your score is high, it indicates that the ads, the content of your website and the landing pages are rendered useful for your customers or viewers. When you create a keywords report, you can check your website quality score.

    Factors Affecting Website Quality Score

    Three factors that can affect the website quality score are as follows:

    1. Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR):
      This is calculated by estimating the number of times your customer, the viewer, is likely to click on the ads on your website. If you have used the keyword appropriately in your ads, then every time someone searches the keyword, your website or ad will appear for them to click on it.
    1. Ad Relevance:
      The relevance of your ad also matters a lot. When you are using the keywords in your ads, make sure that they are relevant to what you are advertising for. If your ads are not relevant when someone searches for that particular keyword, Google automatically assigns a lower website quality score for your site.
    1. Landing Page Experience:
      Lastly, the experience that your landing page gives to your customers and users also plays an important role in the website’s quality score. If the information on your landing pages does not correspond to the information your ad contains, your quality score can stoop low. Therefore, relevance is very essential if you want to keep your website quality score high.

    How to Improve Your Website Quality Score?

    There are several ways you can improve your website quality score. The best way is to improve the above-mentioned factors which are the most important in determining the quality score of your website. You can also hire reputed SEO companies like Zeal Digital in Sydney to improve the performance of your website. Here are some of the ways which your website can implement to increase the website quality score:

    1. Improving the estimated Click Through Rate (CTR):
      CTR is an estimation of how many times or how likely your customers are to click on your PPC ads. If your keywords are relevant with the ad and the search, your ad has a higher chance of getting clicked. Factors like what device is being used are not relevant when it comes to estimating the CTR. If your CTR value is “below average”, you can improve it by increasing the keyword depth in your ad content.
    1. Improving the relevance of your ad:
      When you are using a keyword in your ad, make sure that the content of your ad is meaningful according to the keywords you are using. If your website quality score is low or “below average”, you can simply increase the relevance of your PPC ad by your overall ad content. Hiring a very successful SEO company in Sydney like Zeal Digital can help you to do the job easily.
    1. Improving the landing page experience:
      The landing page experience for your users also plays a huge role in the website quality score determination. Google checks the quality of a website mostly based on the relevance of the keywords and the content. If the content of your landing page is not relevant to the PPC ad, you can work on changing it to make it more informative and relevant.
    1. Grouping your keywords to improve Quality Score:
      Another useful tactic that can help in improving your website quality score is grouping your keywords according to their relevance. The best way to implement this is to group your keywords into different categories and create ads for each grouped category. This helps in boosting the overall website quality score.

    Is The Website Quality Score A Google Ranking Factor?

    Even if the website quality score does not directly take part in the ranking factor, it does play a major role in determining the rank of your website during a search. Google uses its Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, (E-A-T) as a parameter to check the quality of your website and its content. If you have a higher website quality score, you need not be worried about the whole working of the Ranking Factor. A higher website quality score means that your SEO is on point and the keywords used are relevant enough according to your PPC ads. Also, your CTR estimation is high enough. Overall, your Google rankings will boost automatically if you have a good website quality score.

    For a better website quality score, you can always improve your site by keeping in mind the SEO tactics and other keyword-related parameters. If you are looking for a top SEO company in Sydney to help you, Zeal Digital can help you do the job. With expertise and precision, Zeal Digital can help you increase the website quality score and make your site reach your target audience in a better way!

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