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    4 Technical SEO Issues Auditing Tools Won’t Show You

    People have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using technical SEO tools throughout the history of SEO. Although relying on auditing tool tips isn’t the same as having a proper Sydney SEO specialist, we’d be lost without them. It’s simply not practical to hand check a dozen bugs on each page.

    Many new auditing tools have been developed in the last decade to benefit the SEO sector, and a few have established themselves as industry leaders. These few technological auditing tools have provided us with invaluable assistance by continuously improving their capabilities, allowing us better to serve our clients, bosses, and other stakeholders.

    However, even the most sophisticated auditing tools cannot detect four critical technical SEO issues auditing tools.

    Loop to be redirected by Canonical

    When a web page has a canonical tag pointing to a different URL, it then redirects to the initial URL, forming a canonical redirect loop. This is a rare occurrence, yet it can impact a huge brand’s traffic. Canonicals offer Google the preferred URL to index and rank. When Google identifies a canonical URL that isn’t the current page, it may begin to crawl it less frequently.

    This indicates that Google’s Googlebot will begin to crawl the 301 redirection page more frequently, delivering a loop signal to their Googlebot. While Google allows you to designate a redirected page the canonical, looping back to the previous page is a bit unclear.

    Pages that have been hacked

    Profiting from hacked websites is not new. Most seasoned SEOs have come across websites that have been hacked in some way, and they have used the information to either harm or profit another website.

    The following are examples of common website hacking in SEO:

    • Manipulation of site search:
    • Manipulation of 301 redirects:
    • Takedowns of websites

    There are many sorts of site hackings that can have an impact on SEO. The most important thing is to keep your site very secure with the help of a Sydney SEO specialist and make frequent backups. The most essential reason why hacking is harmful for your website is that if Google discovers malware or social engineering on your site, you could face a manual action.

    Detecting JS hyperlinks

    Google has made it clear that internal links generated by JavaScript are neither followed or crawled. The SEO issues auditing tools should be better at detecting internal links generated by JavaScript. Previously, we had to rely on navigating around webpages or looking at link depths on reports to manually uncover JS linkages.

    JavaScript links on web sites are not crawled by Googlebot. While most SEO auditing tools are unable to detect JavaScript links by default, we can make a few little adjustments to help. Custom search options are available with most common technical SEO auditing tools.

    Content hidden by Javascript

    This is one of the most worst problems that websites face. They have a lot of great stuff to provide, but they want to streamline it so that it only appears when a user engages with it.

    In general, it’s a good idea to combine rich content with pleasant user experience, but not if SEO suffers as a result. For problems like this, there’s generally a solution which a Sydney SEO specialist can provide.

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