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    Google Announces 4 New Shopping Campaign Features

    The holiday season is about to arrive and Google has come up with new features to motivate ad campaigns and merchant feeds. It has come with four new shopping campaign features that are going to help the advertisers in different ways. In the Christmas season, people are always willing to spend on different kinds of products. If the right strategies are adopted for an ad campaign with the help of quality PPC services in Sydney, a business house can make the most out of the Christmas season. We will discuss the four new shopping campaign features provided by Google one by one in detail here:

    Conversion Value Rules For Store Sales And Store Visits

    The first new shopping campaign feature is conversion value rules for store sales and store visits. This is a functionality introduced by Google within Google Ads which is meant to apply rules to specific store visits or store sales conversion categories. It will help you to express the value of conversions and how they are related to your business. Adjusting values for conversions based on geographic location, device, and audiences at auction time bidding in real-time will be adjusted comfortably too. Google believes that you need to make things easier for people to find your store. With the help of quality PPC services in Sydney, you have to keep your Google Business Profile up to date with your store address and hours. With the help of Performance Max campaigns, you can increase the foot traffic to your store. In Performance Max campaigns, you can talk about different promotions and specials that will motivate people to reach out to your store.

    Product-Specific Insights

    The next on the list of new shopping campaign features provided by Google are product-specific insights. They are available at the account level. The company that you hire for PPC services in Sydney is going to use these insights to understand what is missing in your ad campaign. Your advertisements are going to be compared with your competitors and it will be seen if there are underwhelming offers on the list or if there are some products that still need to be identified. If we sum things up, this feature is going to allow the business house to come up with a perfect advertisement campaign. All the cons in ad campaigns are going to be removed completely and more effective advertisements are going to be produced. These insights work on shopping and Performance Max campaigns.

    Deals Content API

    This is another one of the new shopping campaign features announced by Google recently. The developers have analysed the behaviour of the buyers and come to the conclusion that the majority of them do shopping only when items are on sale. Through Deals Content API, the deals and promotions can be highlighted and the audience can be motivated to look into your goods and services. It is going to make uploading and managing deals easier at scale. These deals and promotions can be introduced to the listings of these businesses through Content API. So managing them is going to become much more comfortable. As long as you have hired quality PPC services in Sydney, you will have full control over when the sales and promotions need to be highlighted. When you use these tactics at the right point in time, people are going to be driven toward the services. Deals Content API was launched a while back but it wasn’t officially announced by Google. They have finally made this feature available to businesses to better their ad campaigns.

    Shipping & Returns Annotations

    The last of the four new shopping campaign features introduced by Google is Shipping & Returns Annotations. Merchants will now be able to list the expected delivery date (dynamic) (“Delivery by XX/YY”) and free returns right on their ads. This is a feature introduced to remove any kind of confusion in the minds of customers. They are generally concerned about the stock of popular products. About 3 of 10 customers want to know about the stock, if the item is available in the first place and the time taken to deliver the item. With the help of quality PPC services in Sydney, shipping & returns annotations can be used to the best of their potential. You can add estimated delivery times so that the customers are ensured that the product is going to be delivered on a particular day and time. You can add your return policies too so that there’s no confusion in the minds of customers. When shoppers will have less to worry about and more to enjoy, they are going to be satisfied with the services and reach out to you again and again in the future.

    Using Shopping Campaign Features To The Best Of Their Potential

    There’s no doubt that Google promises to add more value and fewer issues to your ad campaign through its new shopping campaign features. You must make the most out of these campaigns. As long as there are quality PPC services to support you in the cause in Sydney, you can use these features to the best of their potential in the following manners:

    • With the help of broad match and smart bidding, businesses can widen their reach and reach out to the shoppers who shop for items that are related to your keywords.
    • You can promote your app and services on different platforms of Google such as Google Pay and YouTube. Setting up deep links will benefit your business too as it will provide users with a smooth web-to-app purchase experience.
    • You need to make the most out of responsive search ads. Based on what shoppers search about your business, you can use responsive search ads to make your messaging better based on shoppers’ search items.

    As you can see, the new shopping campaign features announced by Google promise a lot of things. You need to hire an organisation providing quality PPC services in Sydney to make the most out of these features and attract shoppers to your goods and services!

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