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    Google Introduces Updated Desktop Search Design

    Google keeps updating its system from time to time. The developers are always trying to be one step ahead and ensure that Google stays up-to-date all the time. These updates are important, especially for businesses that are working hard on the search engine optimisation (SEO) of their website. There are times when these updates can be tricky, making it important to hire the best SEO agency like Zeal Digital to solve the concern. Recently, Google has come up with another update with an improved Google desktop search design. It can simply be referred to as how Google is going to appear on a PC. When a user searches for something, the desktop version is going to display some differences from this point onwards. 

    What are these differences going to be like? How are they beneficial or important for your website? We will discuss some important aspects of the updated desktop search design. Let’s get into the details here below: 

    Highlights Of The Update 

    Firstly, we have to look at the highlights of the updated desktop search design. The changes are: 

    • Google is now updating its desktop search results with favicons and site names. When you used to search for something on Google before, it would show up the results with some part of its title and its link. But from this update onwards, it has focused on more details. The favicon of the website is going to appear on the screen as well. The site name is going to drop as well, that too on the top of the link and the title. 
    • Clear labelling of ads will be displayed to differentiate them from organic search results. This was not the case before as all the search results would appear the same. This distinction will make things less complicated as one can see if a particular search result is organic or not. 
    • The data is going to be structured. The name of the website is going to be on the top of the result, followed by the title which can be clicked. It will have a favicon to its left. Some part of the content is going to drop on the screen as well, which is kind of obvious. Adding structured data can help improve the accuracy of the site name displayed on a page. 

    This update was available for mobile phones for a long time now. Google has ensured that desktop users get this option too. 

    Why Has Google Bought This Change? 

    For any business house, it is about getting bigger and better over time. The same is the case with Google as well. It’s constantly trying to improve its interface, the reason why people keep trusting this platform even after so many decades. As far as the updated Google desktop search design goes, the idea is to enhance the user experience by making search results and ads more visually distinct. As we have already discussed, it will make things less confusing for the users. They can see the favicon as well as the name of the website, making it easier for them to know about it. If they have interacted with the website before, they will click on the link instantly. As long as the user experience (UX) is amazing, the users would like to use Google as and when they desire. 

    How To Provide A Site Name To Google 

    Some business houses might be curious to know how they can provide their website name to Google. You don’t have to do anything manually here. Everything is going to take place organically. As long as the content of your website is good, Google will take its references and show the site name as well as a favicon in the search results. It is quite beneficial for every website for several reasons. Desktop users will be less confused after this update since they will know about the website. So the only thing that the website needs to focus on is the quality of its content. It will eventually rise in rank as long as the content is good and informative according to the users. 

    How Google Updates Can Impact Your SEO 

    There’s a reason why you need to be in constant touch with the best SEO agency like Zeal Digital to work on the SEO of your website. It can be difficult to understand things on your own. Since Google keeps updating its system from time to time, it can be difficult to cope with these changes by yourself. These Google updates like Google Desktop search design have a huge impact on your SEO decisions. We will see how it impacts your SEO in detail: 

    • They can bring good and bad impacts to your website. There are times when these updates only improve the UI (user interface) and UX on Google. If both these aspects are worked on, people would be tempted to stay on the platform for a longer period. If they stay for a longer period, they will search for more content and websites. It will give you a better chance to catch and keep an audience. But there are times when Google can turn keyword rankings around completely. So the keywords that were on the top of the search results before can vanish away completely in the next Google update. With the help of the best SEO agency like Zeal Digital, you will be able to work on new keywords, making the process easier.
    • However, the thing that matters the most is your content. Google can bring an unlimited number of changes to its system from time to time. It can impact your website in the short-term, irrespective of the fact it has made positive or negative changes. But at the end of the day, you will have to focus on the content of your website. You have to keep the keywords in mind, there’s no doubt about it. But the content surrounding the keywords should be supreme. 

    If you want to understand the updated Google desktop search design better, you have to reach out to Zeal Digital, one of the best seo agency sydney. We will let you know how this update can be beneficial to your website. We will keep you updated with the rest of the Google updates from time to time as well.


    No, they don't have to do anything differently here. They just need to focus on the quality of their content. This update is going to boost their content. 

    It allows them to know the name as well as the favicon of the website. There are times when users interact with websites in the past but forget about them later. This update will help them know the website well and return too! 

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