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    Lead Generation – How To Get Started?

    If a business has to grow, it has to build a bigger customer base. If it was dishing out its services for a million people today, it should look to double it by next year. In this process of increasing your customer base, lead generation is one of the important things to be kept in mind. As you know, users don’t become your customers overnight, at least in most situations. It is a step-by-step process that needs to be taken care of carefully. Lead generation is the marketing process through which you can capture potential customers who show interest in your service. With Zeal Digital on your side as a reputed social media agency, you can understand this process better and execute it in a more refined manner. 

    It might look very simple but it’s a very challenging job. With so many brands doing so many things to market their services to customers, lead generation has become an even bigger challenge. The buying process for customers has become so smooth. They go through various companies before deciding which product they would like to buy. Through lead generation, your goal should be to connect with the customers early on, and improve your business. 

    Different Types Of Leads 

    The main question is, how to generate these leads? We have to go through the various types of leads to understand how these things work: 

    Hot Leads 

    As the name suggests, these are the leads that are ready to select your services. It means that they are most interested in your services. This will help derive sales from your business. If such a lead is taking too long to make the final purchase, you have to look into the matter and see what you can do about it. You cannot lose out on such a lead, especially if it has shown constant interest regarding your services. 

    Cold Leads 

    Again, the name itself suggests that these leads don’t know much about your offerings. When a customer is just casually checking your services out, it becomes more challenging to impress them with your services. Generally speaking, these are the hardest leads to convert to sales. Initially, you should let your services speak for themselves without troubling the customers too much. Once these leads convert into warm leads, you can start messaging or emailing about the features of your services. You have to stress on methods for lead generation here. 

    Warm Leads 

    They are neither very interested in your services nor are they too unfamiliar with your business. They are somewhere in between and the most common customers that a business comes across on a day-to-day basis. Some businesses make the mistake of taking these leads for granted, bringing no changes to convert them to final customers. These are the leads that you have to focus on the most. With the help of a knowledgeable social media agency like Zeal Digital, you should be able to devise ways through which you can persuade them to use your services. 

    Marketing Qualified Leads 

    The lead generation for these types of leads is fairly simple but converting them into sales can be a difficult job. They need to take the services but since there are many firms around, they will make the decision carefully. The important thing to understand here is that they know exactly how the market works. In case your services are overpriced, they will be quick to know about it and feel disinterested in it. For such leads, you just need to get your basics right i.e. the services should be quality. 

    Information Qualified Leads 

    These leads have already shown interest in your services. They are constantly looking at your work and how you go about things. There is a high chance that such customers have signed up for your email newsletter or filled out a lead generation form. The question is, why are they not converting into final customers yet? It’s probably because they are looking for some more information. Therefore, there is a high chance that they react positively to a nurturing campaign. 

    Sales Ready Sales 

    These leads are almost ready to take your services. The lead generation process had started way earlier for them. They might not have made the final purchasing move for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason can be that the product or services might not be fitting into their budget at the moment. There is a high chance that they might lose interest in the services in the future. It becomes important to understand what the issue is and try to figure out a solution for the same as quickly as possible because you don’t want to lose them.

    Sales Qualified Leads 

    These leads are almost sure about choosing your services. They don’t usually have concerns regarding their budgets, purchasing authority, needs, and timeframe. So the question is, why are they not pulling the final move? It’s probably because they are still considering your competitors. There are times when a couple of business houses benefit a customer in the same sense, leaving him in two minds. You can only do a little about sales-qualified leads unless you have something so different to offer that it immediately makes them interested in your services. 

    What’s The Process? 

    Lead generation won’t take place overnight as we have explained, it is a gradual process. This is the reason why you need an exceptional social media agency like Zeal Digital to work alongside. Here are the steps in the lead generation process: 

    • Firstly, you have to do your research. The basic details regarding the customers are important to personalise your services according to their behaviour. 
    • The next step is to create good content. Get your basics solid so that customers lean towards your services organically. 
    • Now you have to develop a lead generation database. You can have the hottest leads on the planet, but they won’t do you a bit of good if you don’t handle them the right way.
    • Now you have to qualify and score leads. Some of them can convert into customers overnight while some can take months to make the final move. You have to get your strategies ready for all kinds of leads. 

    With the help of Zeal Digital as a social media agency in Sydney, you can employ the best strategy for lead generation. Content marketing, email and social media marketing, and online ads are some of the ways that you can work on things here. Trust the process and give it your everything for lead generation, and then to convert these leads into sales.


    The business can always try it but the customers in this day and age are very smart. You can give it your everything to promote the services and it still won't be enough to impress them. The more important thing, therefore, is to trust the process and the quality of your services. 

    Generating leads is dependent on marketing. It can happen through content, or you can create ads or use social media to promote your business. All these ways can prove to be successful in generating leads! 

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