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    How can you prepare for Google’s Page Experience update?

    As per the recent announcement from Google, there was a new ranking algorithm that will determine the web pages on the basis of users perceiving its experience of interaction to a webpage. In other words, if, according to Google, the users on your website are having a not-very-good experience, then those pages would not be ranked as high as they are ranked now. This algorithm is determined by the new metrics known as Core Web Vitals. 

    What Are Core Web Vitals? 

    Core web vitals are the user-centred metrics that are used in the real world. They provide the scores on the page factors which also includes the load time, interactivity along content stability when it is loading. These metrics are further classified under different categories:

    Core Web Vital

    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) 

    LCP is used to determine the loading performance. When the page first starts to load, it is important for LCP to occur within 2.5 seconds for a good user experience. 

    First Input Delay (FID)

    FID is used to determine interactivity. It is important for the pages to have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds for a content experience for the users. 

    Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

    CLS is used to determine visual stability. A CLS of less than 0.1 should be maintained so the users should have no problem with their experience. 

    When all of these are combined with each other, there comes the Google Page Experience. According to the statement of Google, this page experience is not just a specific ranking score, but it takes all other factors into the consideration and every factor has its own weight in the overall ranking algorithm. 

    Update Alert

    Page experience is a set of tools designed to acquire the page’s strength over the google platform. The way that the site manages to keep up with the content and knowledgeable portion over any topic, the people find it quick to get in touch with the basic understanding through google search engine. This is by far the most wonderful technique that has been available to us. We can get all the information that we want in a few seconds with our fingertips because websites use SEO. Globally, the google platform is chosen as the default browser as a search engine. The google page experience has undergone an update that will be up the air in Sydney soon by June 2021. 

    Basic Algorithm

    The google search engine uses some of the algorithms to list the pages that we wish to see. For instance, if you search the recipe of any food item, google will get you an enormous amount of search results that provide the recipe of the said food item with a virtue of SEO services. Ever wonder How are they listed? That’s where the algorithm comes into contact. The top pages are at the top due to their ranking and the location feature. If you live in Sydney, the top searches will have the necessary arrangements to find things near you, and the new update will have significant changes in this algorithm. Hence it will make the page experience feature a turnover for every website. 

    How To Keep Up With The New Update?

    Earlier, Google used only content-based rankings, and based on those rankings, google will get the search results. The search results keep the more reliable content at the top of its first page. Which also seemed legit. The content is one of the essential things we look into while searching for something through search engines. Many websites use SEO as their tool to enhance the visibility of their page. This is done in a very organic manner, and the SEO process involves attaching the keywords and backlinks/hyperlinks to the necessary words.

    There are various techniques that one can use to enhance the visibility of their website even after the new google page experience update.

    • Use SEO Services as the base of your website. SEO services are the first way to get you a place in the search lists.
    • Prepare your website keeping in mind the familiarity of both desktops as well as mobile friendly. 
    • Your website’s connection should be secure and safe, like from malware. This will get your website on the list of google pages. 
    • Your sites should maintain LCP, FID, CLS scores to make their visibility. 
    • Your website or web page should have a hypertext transfer protocol commonly known as HTTP. 
    • Make sure your website is accessible to the audience. 

    These are some basic but necessary protocols that you must follow while making a new website. Even if you already have one, make sure that these alterations are carried out. The more that you maintain your website/ webpages, the more rankings it will get. And earning the scale will contact you to make it to the top searches in the google page experience. 


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