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    The Pros And Cons Of Using AI Content Writing Tools

    It is safe to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the technological world at a rapid pace. Its use is making things simpler and more effective in its manner. If we talk about content writing, artificial intelligence has a part to play here as well. Various AI content writing tools are going to make things easier for you. For better or worse, you may not have to depend on human writers for some of the content.

    AI content writing tools can be used to decrease the burden on human writers. But can such tools take over the content writing world completely? Is it possible to eliminate human writers for good and let robots take over the content writing world? For that purpose, we will have to go through the pros and cons of using AI content writing tools.

    With the help of an SEO specialist in Sydney, you will be in a much better position to know if AI tools will suit the content writing needs of your business or not. But it is essential to go through several parameters before deciding if artificial intelligence will be efficient to do content writing for your website.

    Pros Of Using AI Content Writing Tools

    We are going to look at the pros and cons of using AI content writing tools. Firstly, we will discuss the good aspects of these tools. In what ways would these tools help your business? Let’s get into the details here below:

    Greater Efficiency

    The best part about using AI content writing tools is that it will produce greater efficiency. Your SEO specialist is going to agree with this point as well. When you have to produce a lot of content at once that’s quite similar, AI content writing tools can be helpful. AI can make suggestions that may help with writer’s block so that everything could get done faster. No matter the efficiency of the human writers that you have hired, there will be a point when they would be completely exhausted and unable to bring up the content at a faster pace. But if the need of the hour is to upload content at a brisk pace, you can use the AI content writing tools to help your motive.

    Better Quality Control

    Another pro of AI content writing tools is that you will have better quality control of your content. AI will automatically watch for and correct mistakes beforehand. So you don’t have to waste your time correcting the mistakes later on. There are times when human writers fail to make the necessary corrections. It is human nature to make mistakes and when the problems are in plenty, the chances of content ranking higher on search engines decreases too. Thankfully, you don’t make any such rookie mistakes while using artificial intelligence to produce content. AI can also predict what you’re going to write, perhaps even phrasing it better than you could have said it. Thus, the chances of your content ranking higher will increase as well.


    Another good aspect of rooting for AI content writing tools is that they will provide you with cost-effectiveness. Your SEO specialist in Sydney is going to focus on this aspect as well. When you have to produce a lot of content on your website, it is obvious that you will need a lot of content writers. It will directly increase the costs involved in your business as you will be tempted to spend high on the salaries and payments of such content writers.

    If you require technical knowledge too, the salaries are only going to increase because these are specialised skills. This is only until you go for AI content writing tools that you can decrease the cost involved in the process. There’s no doubt that you have to pay a significant amount of money to generate content through such tools too. But comparatively, the content is going to be put out at a lower price when you develop it briefly and simplistically.

    Cons Of AI Content Writing Tools

    We discussed several pros of AI content writing tools. Now is the time to look at its bad side too. So what are the cons of AI content writing tools? We will discuss them in detail here:

    Lack Of Creativity

    While the number of mistakes is going to be negligible with AI content writing tools, it is going to lack creativity to a great extent. To rank high on search engines, you need to make minimum mistakes. But the most important thing to rank high is to come up with unique and fresh content. Your SEO specialist is going to tell you the same story as well. There’s nothing wrong with developing content through AI content writing tools, especially when you need to make content on a large scale. But you don’t have to become over-dependent on it as there will be no signs of creativity in the content developed on your website.

    Leading To Unemployment

    If you look at things from an economical or social point of view, you would realise the biggest con of AI content writing tools or AI in general. When you will become over-reliant on bots to produce content, you will hire fewer human writers. So there will be a higher unemployment rate of writers while also limiting your creativity in your writing. You have to look at the bigger picture to make the right decision because content writers can enhance your market reach and the profits.


    Another big issue with AI content writing tools is plagiarism. The content developed through bots is bound to be monotonous. If it has similarities with content developed on other websites, the risk of plagiarism is going to become high and you could even face legal action. If Google finds your content to be plagiarised, there’s no way that it will rank high. If your content is not going to show up in search results, you won’t be able to fetch the desired traffic to your website.

    As you can understand by looking at the pros and cons of AI content writing tools, the value of bots for the job is hanging somewhere in the middle. It becomes essential to have an in-depth conversation with your trusted SEO specialist in Sydney before reaching an answer

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