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    Google Search Algorithm Update On July 16th Or Was It Related To The Indexing Issue

    Was the July 16 Google Search Algorithm Update Related to the Indexing Issue?

    Google is easily the most popular search engine used around the globe. Businesses prefer their websites to get posted in this search engine. This search engine gives more views to the business, but recently it went through an Indexing Issue update process.

    So when you post something interesting in the search engine, it instantly gets reviewed. The crawler reads out the content of your website, and as per the preference of your content, it gets indexed in the search engine. You can use the SEO Sydney technique to increase your index ranks here.

    Why did the Indexing Issue update happen?

    On July 16, people across the globe observed blank results in the search engine. Nothing was showing when someone searched for a result. The Indexing Issue update was going around that day, creating huge headlines in the news.

    The people who read news online are the ones that noticed the issue while searching for articles. The Indexing Issue update created a huge problem for news agencies too as their pages were not showing in the search results on the day.

    Explanation of Indexing Issue update

    Before indexing, the crawlers of the search engine visit every site to check the content. The news agencies post regular content, including breaking news, for the readers. Therefore, the Indexing Issue update created a major blockage in their websites. People were not getting news on time because of this issue.

    The main reason behind the process was the slowdown of the crawler. You can say that the SEO Sydney mechanisms did not work well then. The search engine did not crawl through the content for that day, creating blank search results.

    On the same day, Google accepted the error and created a Twitter post to mention the issues. The Indexing Issue update was repeated after 12 hours, and all the websites were indexed. To fix this, Google ran a bug that successfully resolved the issue.

    Impacts Indexing Issue update made

    Mostly, all websites available on the internet wish to get ranked first in the search engine. But through the analytics and quality of information, only a few had the opportunity to be located on the first page of the Google search results page. To get the highest rank, some companies use the help of the SEO Sydney mechanism.

    However, the Indexing Issue update generated a lot of attention for English content. The issue stayed about 12 hours on that day, and new content was not getting posted in the search engine during that time. The crawler postponed the indexing process for the new content.

    Let’s have a look at the figures the Indexing Issue update created on that day;

    • All the English content gets dropped from generating traffic.
    • The websites from the USA, the UK, and Australia faced the most drop in traffic.
    • The content, especially news, faced the most challenge as the crawler did not review the content through the Indexing Issue update process.
    • Most of the website traffic was down.

    However, the updated content on that day faced the issue while the old content worked fine. Most importantly, the content that followed SEO Sydney guidelines also has faced issues due to the ongoing update.

    Some businesses are there to generate regular content as per the SEO Sydney guidelines to receive the most viewers. Mainly, the news agencies present fresh content every minute for the readers. On that day, however, the readers could not get the recent news because of the update, leaving them frustrated.

    • The ranking of the websites, especially the news items, got disturbed through the update.
    • The process of indexing the website in the search engine is rapid. It merely takes a few minutes to update the indexes.
    • Your website content is quickly reviewed if you follow SEO Sydney guidelines properly.
    • Any issue which has occurred in the system or the crawling process is resolved within a day, 24 hours per se.

    After 12 hours, Google initiated the update process again. But this time, all the new content got updated or indexed immediately through the crawler. Users saw no problems in the search results after Google had fixed it.

    Reasons you should care about Indexing Issue update

    Indexing a website is a much-needed thing for a business to get higher visibility. Businesses that invest in SEO Sydney work to get the most visibility in their content. Also, users mostly like to read fresh content when searching for a particular thing.

    Let’s look at the reasons about the Indexing Issue update on the search engine:

    1. Readers expectations

    When you are a reader, you need fresh content to read. You are unlikely to read content which are dated. For this reason, websites are getting constantly updated with the latest information. Guidelines regarding SEO Sydney are followed here to get the highest visibility on the internet.

    2. News updates

    New agencies across the globe constantly update the information on their websites. They post articles on a real-time basis and because of this, you would not find dated articles on their websites. You have to search the archives to get the old news.

    • News agencies post their articles, content per se, on the dedicated news platform on the search engine. Therefore, their news should get crawled in real-time.

    Business needs

    Business websites also followed the SEO Sydney guidelines to get the highest ranks through the indexing process. They are earning through their content, so it becomes crucial for the crawler to update the content on time.

    Finally, the issues regarding the update are now resolved. The crawler immediately updated all the content which was posted on that day. You can update your content now as you would not face the issue. Remember to continuously update your content with the latest information to get more traffic!

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