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    What Is Enterprise SEO and Is It Right for Your Company?

    SEO refers to the techniques and strategies for ranking your website higher by using the relevant keywords on various search engines like Google. It also helps your brand become easier to understand by your online audience. At the core enterprise SEO is similar to generalised SEO, but the goals and strategies are made tailored to the enterprise needs and requirements. Enterprise websites have thousands of pages in it mostly belonging to large corporations. SEO agencies in Sydney offer Enterprise SEO services to both mid-size firms and large-cap corporations. 

    How does Enterprise SEO help promote a bigger firm?

    • Dominating a product category

    The greatest benefit of enterprise SEO is presenting brands to customers on every stage of their journey towards purchase. This has made so many brands invest their time and energy in trying to understand search engine optimisation their products and services or bring on someone that can. So that they can see a higher rate of direct returns. Enterprise SEO helps in creating high-quality content with highly targeted outreach. Professional SEO Services providers in Parramatta can help you deal in enterprise SEO with a wide range of researched keywords. Including long-tail keywords particularly makes it easier to win more sales against your competitors, bringing your brand to a higher platform.

    • Protecting a brand’s reputation

    Enterprise SEO helps in protecting the reputation of brands by diversifying their reach through search results through different but relevant keywords. This is a defensive approach, that can be taken to mitigate any negative attention from keywords that arise from the news or due to scandal, even outside the company. Alternatively, your site could be buried by such stories. If a brand finds themselves in the midst of a scandal, Enterprise SEO management can also help a brand repair their reputation. 

    So, target a mix of the relevant keywords, for the best chance of becoming one of the top results and protecting the reach and reputation of your brand. In short this means you want to use a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords.

    • Increase your conversion rate

    Corporate SEO usually focuses on short-tail keywords than long-tail keywords and the differences between the two are listed as under:

    • Short tail words are few words long and they are general and have large search volumes with more competition. 
    • Long-tail keywords are long and specific and have low search volume and competition.

    While short-tail keywords have a higher volume rate, the long-tail keywords have a higher conversion rate. Simply put: less people will type in the specific phrases that a long-tail keyword consists of, but the ones that do – they know what they’re looking for. And they want to buy your product. This presents a great opportunity to put together a great deal or package that customers are dearly looking for online. 

    In such a position, you can earn the highest share of traffic. You can use pay per click tools out there such as Google Ad Words to ensure your brand capitalises on these keywords. Great quality content with the right keywords will give you a good amount of views, thereby helping the business earn more. 

    Is Enterprise SEO right for your company?

    If you are running a company, then you are already using long-tail keywords. This is the best way of improving the search rankings, as short-tail keywords have a high competition level. This decreases when using long-tail keywords. When your SEO rankings are higher, then it means you are taking your company to the next level – with a business that is easy to find and more familiar in the mind of interested consumers. To know if your company is ready to invest in enterprise SEO, have a look at the following: 

    • How many pages does your website have?
    • How many long-tail keywords does your website rank?
    • Whether your company would benefit from short-tail keywords as well or not?

    What strategies are included in Enterprise SEO?

    Although the SEO strategies are different from Enterprise SEO, they make use of the same tactics and processes. They follow the ROCKET approach as under:

    • Researching

    Start your SEO with in-depth research, as it is the foundation of all the strategies.

    • Optimising

    Then comes optimising with high impact opportunities like meta descriptions, page titles, etc. 

    • Content

    Plan and promote high-quality content for generating traffic and conversions.

    • Earned links

    Great SEO in Sydney helps you earn shares and mentions of the business online, and in the press. Developing successful viral marketing campaigns for brands.

    • Keywords

    Adding keywords is crucial. Not just any, but the right ones for your brands and products or services. You will be conducting keyword research, with the help of a mapping report leading to advanced rankings.

    • Testing

    After the whole process is done, testing is the final step where a comprehensive conversion rate testing is performed with ROI tracking. 


    Working with experienced SEO agencies in Sydney is necessary so that you don’t go of track and can focus on well informed strategies that will get you results. The SEO company must tailor their approach to meet the requirements of the clients as per their needs. Keep your company transparent and up to date with reporting. Enterprise SEO is important for your company to get ahead in this well competitive time. A comprehensive Enterprise SEO cannot be designed and implemented single-handedly. So, let the professionals – a reputable SEO company in Parramatta handle it for you.

    At Zeal Digital, we are one such SEO agency in Parramatta that has won many awards in recent years. We offer a complete top to bottom approach for your enterprise SEO, covering all basis as competitor analysis, keyword research, site audit, localised SEO, link building and more for your company. We can even build you a new website from scratch if you don’t have one. 

    Let’s have a conversation about what strategies can help your brand. You can call us on 1300 269 414 or email us on for a free consultation to discuss your brand’s offerings and requirements. 

    Follow this blog for more of the latest trends and pieces of advice to keep your business competitive online!


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