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    5 Google Ads Examples With Relevant And Quality Ad Copy

    Relevance is one of the most important things to keep in mind when we talk about digital marketing. As you know, most firms in this day and age focus on digital marketing. Your competitors might be trying their hardest to create ads that can fetch them an amazing audience. Until and unless you make relevant and quality ad copy, it will be difficult to survive with such competition. A Google Ad relevant and quality ad copy is an important concept to keep in mind here. And if you are looking for professional help, Zeal Digital is one of the most trusted firms as a PPC agency in Sydney.

    Ad copy is a very important part of ad relevance. As we have already discussed, you need to focus on relevance and quality to stand out with your PPC ads. We will look at some examples of Google ads that address relevant and quality ad copy:


    Arckit is one of the most trusted platforms when we talk about supplying building blocks for kids and teachers. This firm particularly uses popular keywords like “kids toys” and “kids building blocks” to hit the top of the search engine results. With the help of these keywords, it can reach out to the target audience perfectly. How is it able to achieve a relevant and quality ad copy just like that? Let’s try to understand it:

    • Arckit stresses taking more space in the search results, something that is desired by any firm putting forth PPC ads. It is about drawing as much attention and clicks as possible. And how does it do so? Arckit uses extra links and a multiline format to get the job done. By including more links and a different format, it reaches out to the target audience perfectly.
    • Most of the other firms in the same field would tend to go for one-size-fits-all links. Arckit works differently by providing a small menu for consumers to choose from based on their purchase intent. In this way, the chances of confusion are very less on this platform.

    Car Insurance

    The next example that we are going to include here is car insurance. This is a particular field where you will see a huge competition. With the help of a reputed PPC agency in Sydney, like Zeal Digital, you need to create PPC ads that make your car insurance company stand out. There are various ways to create ads in this case. One of the biggest things that you need to focus on is including reviews for the car insurance provided by your firm; make sure that you include as many as possible. Apart from including reviews, you also have to provide the phone number on the advertisement itself. This will make it a relevant and quality ad copy. Another element that you need to include is discounts that you can provide to the clients. Such deals need to be pointed out as cost-effective measures always draw the attention of the viewers. So to create an effective Google ad with relevant and quality ad copy, you have to focus on the following aspects:

    • Customer reviews need to be provided. You can have the average star rating available with at least 50-100 reviews.
    • You need to provide your phone number. So when the client is even a little bit interested, he or she is going to make a phone call.
    • Lastly, you need to talk about the deals and offers somewhere in the advertisement. It will make the advertisement complete!


    We are going to take the example of another reputed organisation that has the quality and relevant PPC ads. To start with, it is a wholesale shop that sells a wide range of products from home décor to jewellery to body lotions. It has various product categories to focus on. Are you running the same kind of business? With the assistance of a PPC agency in Sydney like Zeal Digital, you can take lessons from the PPC strategy of Faire in the following ways:

    • Faire has focused on mentioning returns through its Google ads with relevant and quality ad copy. Since customers don’t know how the product is going to feel, mentioning returns will increase the confidence of customers in your services.
    • Stating the USP of your products and services becomes a key here, as has been done by Faire. If you sell organic, economical or handmade products, talk about it through the PPC ads.
    • You need to promote every product line perfectly. Faire has made sure that customers are exploring its products, even those that are not desired by customers in the first place.

    iPhone 14

    When we talk about smartphones, iPhone 14 has to be the most hyped product at the moment. By creating a Google ad with relevant and quality ad copy, you can be ahead of the rest of the suppliers of iPhone 14 in the market.

    • Providing a phone number should be an ideal decision. Users might have their queries and when the phone number is made available easily, they won’t think twice before having a one-on-one phone conversation.
    • If you’re up for a trade-in, state about it in the advertisement. You need to highlight all the key features that you can provide to the clients such as “Compare iPhone models”, “iPhone upgrade program” etc.

    Electricity Rates

    Electricity is a necessity in every house all across the world. If you deal with providing the best commercial electricity rates & plans, you will need to work with a PPC agency in Sydney like Zeal Digital to make an amazing PPC advertisement.

    • You have to include the needed sections such as “Commercial Energy Plans” and “Five Energy Rates”. It will draw clicks instantly from those that need to know about electricity rates & plans.
    • If you provide a free quote, make a “Get Free Quote From Us” section available within the advertisement.

    These are the best examples of Google ads with relevant and quality ad copy. We have included some popular companies with very successful PPC ad strategies, just to make things more relevant for you. If you’re still confused and need guidance when it comes to Google ads with relevant and quality ad copy, just contact Zeal Digital, the expert PPC agency in Sydney, to get a clearer picture!

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