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    Google Featured Snippets: A 2020 SEO Guide

    Have you ever observed a special block of the information displayed on a search engine page after you search something on Google with the use of specific keywords? If not, you can try it. This is actually the featured snippet. The block of information that has the precise sum up of what is being asked from the webpage. Apart from the information, this might have a URL and, in many cases, associated images. For a site, if it is successful in placing the right image, in accordance with the topic, then there will be various added advantages. This is surely going to be tracked in the form of traffic and increased numbers of clicks.

    There are certain things that need to be taken care of when it comes to creating Google featured snippets. Each of the parameters including the terms and conditions needs to be followed for the most effective results. According to the professionals associated with a reputed

    SEO agency in Sydney

    Google does not allow marking any page with the featured snippet. Being a programmed process, the snippets are added automatically. However, if the owner of the site does not want to have a snippet for the site then the person might opt-out from it by using <meta name=” Googlebot” content=”nosnippet”> on the page.

    2020 and Development in the Field of Snippet

    When everything is witnessing a more refined form, it is the time of the snippets to do the same as well. According to the experts associated with SEO, the following are the listed recent developments in the field—

    • Featured snippet is now available in 70 different languages in order to make the understanding of some of the complex queries simpler
    • Bubble snippet which is popularly known as carousal snippet is available in approximately 8.62% of the searches making it the most popular one.
    • Right sidebar snippet is soon going to be folding right sidebar snippet present in the main panel of the search list.
    • 2020 has witnessed some of the advanced addition to the featured snippet- Target Text

    Snippets- A Quick View on the Stats

    We all know the importance of featured snippets in SEO. It helps the person searching to go through the information in quick mode. The popularity of these featured snippets, according to the experts of an SEO agency in Sydney, can be made from the following statistics—

    24% of websites have featured snippet and the valuation of it has increased considerably because of the presence of it. The reputed SEO agency in Sydney is also relying on it.

    In addition to this, there have been changes regarding trends of SEO post-January 23, 2020. According to the change, a URL will be appearing either because of the organic SEO result or snippet form. De-duplication of the result has been strictly prohibited.

    Adding of Snippet for the Web Site

    The addition of the snippet is not at all a tough task. Simple steps need to be followed for the process. These snippets help the person to search for relevant information easily and smoothly. It can be done in two ways.

    In one case, the snippet can be from the same reference page. On the other hand, there can be instances where the source for the image and text would vary. Google bot might take the image from one site and text from the other. The best thing is that the featured snippet can be from YouTube as well.

    Placing the Featured Snippet Correctly Matters

    Everything needs to be perfect if the right and apt results are desired. This 2020, SEO is going to be competitive and keeping this in mind, the agencies catering to SEO related services are not leaving any stone unturned in any of their approaches. Not only will the keywords have to be perfect, but the related text and activities should also be perfect. According to the experts associated with an SEO agency in Sydney, there are certain methods and ways that should be followed in order to get the best result of setting up the snippets. These are—

    • Structuring the Post Effectively

    When it comes to getting noticed in the huge competition, it is necessary to structure the snippet accordingly for the particular keyword. Putting in the text information precisely within 40-60 words is considered a good approach. This piece of text should address the query of the person searching using a certain keyword.

    • Optimizing the Content as per the Need

    It is very much true that the websites that have the right and well-structured SEO in Sydney is always going to be the one to exist. Rest all will perish. Therefore, the websites need to be according to the requirement of the time. The modern-day requires websites that are properly optimized and have a mobile-friendly approach. Therefore, they are reputed and reliable SEO agency in Sydney always put stress on having an optimized website for more visit.

    • It is not only about H1 but H2 and H3 too Matter

    Believe it or not, H2 and H3 too hold a crucial place like H1. The presence of these tags helps Google bot to crawl for the information quickly and smoothly.

    • Have Link to More Reliable and Authoritative Sites

    For better visibility and to remain at the top of the search engine pages, it is necessary to build links from the right and authentic websites. The snippets would be valued more if these have the proper linkage from the other useful websites.

    What Shouldn’t be in the Snippet?

    There is always a set of requirements that need to be met while achieving the best of the result. In addition to this, there are restrictions on the text like— the text must not be hateful, harmful, dangerous, violent, or must not hurt the interest of the public.

    Myth: Featured Snippet and SERP Ranking are Related

    According to the professionals associated with the SEO agency in Sydney, SERP ranking and the presence of the snippet are two independent things and it is not necessary that the website that is ranking first in the SERP list will be having the snippet. The presence of the snippet shows how effectively the agency doing SEO in Sydney has been able to present it.


    Featured snippets are generally a part of the text of the information page. Therefore, apart from structuring, the use of the proper keywords and placements of the text play a crucial role in ensuring that the snippet is featured on the search page. The changes are always in order to get a better result. Stress should be laid on ensuring that the text is readable, has a sense of positivity, and has to be formal in approach.

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