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    Google November 2021 Spam Update Rolling Out

    In the first week of November, Google came up with an interesting announcement. They have declared that they would be releasing a spam update. They have done it in the past as well and the sole reason behind this decision is to improve the performance of Google and make the system smoother.

    With the help of an SEO consultant in Sydney, you will be able to understand better than Google has made its policies more strict over the past number of years. Its management keeps coming with some new updates and the sole reason behind it is to ensure a better user interface is kept intact, something that has always been the best feature of Google for a couple of decades.

    This is something that should be a curious topic for all of the organisations that are looking to rank higher on Google or have already done so. With the help of an SEO consultant in Sydney, you need to find out the things that are wrong with the content of your website.

    There are all the changes in the world that some of your pages don’t show up on Google at all if it doesn’t fall into the guidelines that have been put out there. If you look at it from Google’s perspective, the number of websites is increasing on an everyday basis.

    With the focus mainly on taking the help of an SEO consultant in Sydney and writing SEO friendly content, there’s too much content available. Google is just trying to do things that will decrease the chances of spam whenever someone searches for a particular keyword.

    One of the major mistakes that most organisations make while coming up with the content for their website is to focus strictly on the keywords. There are different platforms available which allow you to understand what users search regarding a particular topic and then the keywords are forced into the topic. The content doesn’t have much grass overall in most of the cases and with this spam update, such content will lose all the chances to get ranked on Google.

    First of all, you must take the help of an SEO consultant in Sydney. You might know how the content is supposed to be produced but a consultant who is an expert in this field will always tend to know better. New websites are made now and then with the focus on the same keywords.

    So which one is going to rank better on Google and get more traffic? Simple, the content we’re errors and comes up with a great user interface. With time, the content would require certain changes as well. If you’re being very rigid regarding your website, it might lose its popularity even if it’s having a decent ranking on Google.

    Along with an SEO consultant in Sydney, you have to analyse your content on a rapid basis. As you keep going back to your content, it will allow you to focus on the things that are good and bad regarding it. You can stress the good aspects further and get rid of the bad aspects altogether at the same point in time!

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